Buy Behind the Ruins - gritty speculative fiction

   You can get your copy of Behind the Ruins at Amazon (link opens in a new window). Both an exciting adventure in a post-apocalyptic world and the saga of a man coming to terms with that most difficult of enemies, his own past, the novel is garnering top stars, has led subgenre in the top ten and brings a literary look at a classic SF/thriller setting.

   Read Jeremy Menefee's review of the book here. Also the Amazon reviews here.

   From the jacket:

   Grey has turned his back on the life of a raider. He’s learned other ways to survive in a damaged world stripped of its technology. Late in life, he’s made friends and a home - and buried his inner darkness in dreams.

   He’s respected, known and trusted throughout the slowly-recovering valley he calls home. He should be happy, and he is.

   But a murderous chance meeting shows that others have dire plans for this home. Further, the power behind the plot is a man Grey once called a friend.  More worrying, he has an army, with yet another chasing behind.

   Grey is left with the choice of abandoning his home and friends, or risking everything – including those friends - with a desperate and pitiless stand behind the bloody skills of his own ruined youth.

   Follow Grey's saga across the ragged remains of the Pacific Northwest, as he deals with his own past and the potential of a brighter future for everyone, both buried behind the ruins.
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