Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cover blurb for Behind the Ruins

Here's a draft of the dreaded back cover copy. It's always painful to try and summarize 400 pages on a recipe card.

     We meet Grey in the process of murdering three people intent on robbing and killing him. The deaths solve nothing; instead, what he finds on one of the bodies leads to a bloody trip through a world recovering from the shambles left by a near-apocalyptic event. In the process he becomes involved in a plan that could mean the return of the world he knew as a child, before the Fall changed everything.

      During the trip from British Columbia into the former United States he is forced to overcome both his own bleak memories and the murderous forces of an old friend. The lessons he takes away will determine not only if he has a future, but whether civilization does.

     Behind the Ruins examines how people use violence as a tool, and how it uses them in return.